Being your own Goddess

Sacred Space... I know that I have spoken about sacred spaces before, but I really can't emphasize how important I feel that this is. It is a necessity for me to have a little sanctuary where I can relax after a long day to re-center and replenish. Having a room, or just a small nook or corner, as your personal sacred space is a powerful way to connect with your "goddess self" every day. Find a spot in your home or even outdoors that you can turn into your private 'temple' ...surround yourself with candles, incense, a water fountain, crystals, plants and flowers, or anything that will make this area a special and sacred space where you can meditate, journal, read, daydream, paint, reflect, nurture yourself, have a soothing cup of tea, or take some time to just be. Having this sanctuary is wonderfully valuable, and there is also your 'inner sanctuary' which is always available and accessible to you no matter where you are or what you’re doing. This sacred space is your Spirit...
Reconnecting with Mother Nature If you don't get to spend lots of time in remote wilderness areas, or days on end laying on a remote tropical beach somewhere (don't we wish) ...Spend a few minutes each day lying on the grass in the yard or at the park, sitting under a tree somewhere. Bring nature indoors, plants, flowers and crystals in your home will allow Mother Nature to inspire, heal, restore, ground and support you. Our connection with Earth is primal and primitive, and nurturing this connection is an essential part of honoring our Divine Feminine nature.
Asserting Yourself Goddess power is about being firm and assertive. The Goddess’ way is not to demand power, but to command it. Learn how to say no to requests on your time or energy that drain  you or ask you to compromise your values. Only do things when you feel guided to do them and want to do them – not because you feel obligated or guilty. As women we are raised to be polite, nice and accommodating, but we can care so much about others’ feelings and opinions that we do ourselves harm – from resentment, to being overwhelmed, anxiety and depression. It is time to live more authentically, by standing firmly, and speaking the truth. No anger, no apologies.
By reclaiming our true Goddess nature, we begin to open ourselves to all of the good that comes with it. Become your own Goddess and start to create a beautiful, authentic and vibrant new life within and around you.