Creating a Sacred Space

It wasn't until I was in my 30's that I realised how imporrtaint it is to have a 'sacred space' in the home for myself. A room where I can reflect, be quiet, go inside, and get centered. I believe every woman should reclaim a room in the home, free from husbands, children etc, and create a space just for themselves....Ideas to create even a nook in a corner, by sectioning it off, could include hanging a screen, beads, or a pretty lace curtain , to help create the feeling of it being a place of solitude. This sacred space can be used to write, draw, paint, read, relax or simply listen to birds sing outside. To set the mood even more, place pillows on the floor, or on a comfy chair just for you. Cover them in fabric that you love. This is about you, no one else, so REALLY love the fabric!
Add plants and flowers for energy and for color. Lavender is a very relaxing color! If you have a collection of things you love, be it crystals, ornaments, feathers.....display them on a table grouped together. I have a collection of rocks, herbs and feathers that I love. Soft music and a good book will offer you inspiration. Keep a favorite book in your spot, a favorite album...(nothing beats vinyl on an old record player). Also, aromatherapy is wonderful....if you don't have an oil burner, try scenting the cushions with some essential oils.
This is a great place to create and hang a vision board, with quotes, photos, clippings from magazines to help create a positive vision for your life. This space will really help you be calmer, happier and more inspired to follow your heart. I am always changing my room, as I change and grow. It is also where I create my jewelry. It's my special room, filled with the things I love. This is the one place, where I don't have to 'consider' anyone else...it doesn't matter if my husband doesn't swoon over lavender colored lace cushions (lol) because this room is all about me!