Lunar Eclipse & Lunar Phases, the inspiration behind these Lunar Phase Goddess Necklaces.

Like the hands of a clock mark the time of the day, the Moon marks the times of our life. The Lunar cycle begins in darkness, then gradually increases in light until the Moon is completely illuminated. The evolution from one Moon phase to another, dying and being reborn without end, is the signal characteristic of the Moon.The silvery light of the moon has enchanted and bewildered people since the beginning of time. In many ancient cultures, moon deities were worshipped in elaborate rituals. The lunar cycles also served as a planting and harvesting calendar. The moon, which reflects the sun's light, is a creative force in the dark of night.

The Moon Phases are:

New Moon


First Quarter/Waxing Half

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Full Moon

Waning Gibbous Moon

Last Quarter Moon

Balsamic Moon/Waning Crescent

Both the full and new moon are powerful times of letting go and bringing newness in your life.
Recently we had a lunar eclipse: The energy of the full moon/lunar eclipse, asks you what is it that needs to fall away before your heart and your path is illuminated. What needs to be released? What is hiding you from your deepest dreams? It is about letting go of what you do not need. It is about truly becoming authentic. Living the life that you desire and deserve. It is about clearing away the layers of dust on our hearts and seeing the truth inside. 

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