This is a revamp of the original blog. Which was so untidy, as I was just a beginner. So, now that I am a little more advanced, and a little more creative with the photography side of things, I am a little more confident!
Tonight seems like the perfect time to sit down with a cup of tea, and start this new chapter.
Not only am I beginning this new blog, but I have also been re-inventing my creative space, or studio. I am so happy with how it is beginning to take shape. I purchased two new work benches, with beautiful timber tops, and a comfortable stool. I have organised gemstones, shells, cabochons and metal jewellery findings into beautiful vintage jars and bottles.
On the wall above my desk, I have created a gratitude board, which has lots of beautiful thank you cards from my wonderful customers, a collection of dried herbs which I love, bird feathers which I found, and other bits and pieces I love. I also have one of my favourite artworks on the wall in a gorgeous frame, depicting a young girl with feathers in her hair holding a rescued bird. I love this particular artwork, as it reminds me of myself when I was a girl, and of course I have a rainbow lorikeet which my hubby and I rescued from a neglectful pet owner.
The studio has transformed into a sacred place for me. It is a place where not only do I create my jewellery, but where I read and relax. I really do believe everybody should have a room in their homes that reflect them, full of all the things that they love, a place that instantly relaxes you, and reminds you of who your authentic self really is.
I am enjoying reclaiming myself, and creating this space, just for me.
In between the re-arranging and decorating, I also finished off a couple of jewellery pieces which I have been working on. Very much inspired by Shamanic Healing, and all the trinkets and talismans that those healers would wear. I look forward to sharing more with you soon. xx Tina